Locking Lever
The Advance standard lever has two notches for locking ties, and a longer notch for locking onto a hex bolt.
Filler Lever
Available in 4" & 5", fillers now come with new attached levers. The filler levers are attached to the 4" and 5" filler for fast easy setting. You no longer need to look for clips to attach the 4" and 5" filler.
Clipped Locking Lever
The 6" filler panel comes with clipped levers. It enables you to set the forms continually.
1" Corner Lever
This lever is secured to 1" x 1" outside corners and firmly latches corners to panels.
4" Corner Lever
Used on 4"X4" inside corners and 2"X2" outside corners. Firmly latches cornes to panels.
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