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Every panel and component in the Advance forming system is accurately made and assembled from quality materials by experienced craftsmen using the most modern wood and metal-working machinery available. The Advance forming system can speed your setup, stripping, loading and unloading time. Each panel is ready for immediate positioning once forms are in the excavation or on the above-grade job site. It's amazing how fast you can set up panels, fillers, inside and outside corners, pilasters, stoops and pour-in-place window bucks using the Advance forming system.

Complex jobs become simple when using the Advance Forming System. That's because every Advance panel is ready for immediate positioning into the excavation or onto the above-grade site. Setting goes quickly because you can work from one or more corners or from any point in the wall, and the forms allow you to set both inside and outside walls at the same time. Placing the ties into the notches will hold the panels erect, and keep them securely together. By engaging the attached levers, the panels are now locked together. You can see how the speed and simplicity of the Advance system makes it the favorite of concrete contractors.

The Advance Concrete Form system offers versatility to the contractor because of its WORKABILITY, FLOWABILITY, and STRENGTH.

The flexibility of the Advance Concrete Form systems also offers various configurations to the builder. ADVANCE CONCRETE FORM WALL SYSTEMS offer variable heights so a homeowner can have a full eight to ten foot high ceiling in their basement.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should choose poured concrete walls:

  1. Water tightness means a dry basement and that’s important to homeowners. It's a fact that poured concrete walls make for dryer basements when compared with other types of walls.

  2. Builders appreciate fewer warranty problems, which saves money. A water-tight basement means less call backs for the builder/developer.

  3. More fire resistance. Increased density and joint free construction of poured concrete walls offer twice the resistance when compared to hollow core block walls.

  4. Affordability. That's important to the builder and the home buyer. Efficient modern construction methods make poured concrete walls very competitive with block walls.

  5. 40% More Concrete. That's important to the builder and the home buyer. Efficient modern construction methods make poured concrete walls very competitive with block walls.

  6. Resistance to rot and decay. That's been proven by the long years of service life that concrete walls have provided. Builders or homeowners need not be concerned that concrete will be vulnerable to the rot and decay that may occur in wood foundations.

  7. Quality form materials. The Advance system is unequaled in quality, reliability, and longevity.

  8. Multi family dwelling developers appreciate faster construction time. When you think of their investment, faster construction time means a quicker return for the owner in rentals or sales.

  9. Better resale on homes with poured concrete walls. Homeowners know about the dry basement features of poured concrete walls. When they combine the benefits of a stronger and more durable wall it adds up to more value and a better resale on the property.

  10. Extended construction season. Concrete can adapt to cold weather construction, offering builders an extended construction season.

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