6" Regular Waler
These brackets are designed to hold 2" x 6" planks.
4" A Top Waler
This handy piece hangs from the top edge of the form, combining the support of walering and alignment at the top of the wall. The attached wedge is used to secure a 2" x 4" plank.
H.D. Waler Brackets
Heavy duty waler brackets attach to backing bars, and provide solid support for planks. Available in 6", 8", 10", and 12" sizes.
20" Waler with Pocket
Attached to 2 bars for added support. Only available with railing pockets. 2 x 4's must be run to the ground for support and a railing can be nailed to these 2 x 4". You will need to specify your bar spacing when you order these brackets.
4" D Top Waler
This waler has a vertical wedge.
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